There are plans to extend the European QR code. From June 2022, Member States will be obliged to allow cross-border travel only on the basis of the QR code.

We the co-signers of this petition observe

  • That there are plans from the EU to continue to use the QR code in Europe in the short term.
  • Our minister, Ernst Kuijpers, will sign this on behalf of the Netherlands in mid-May.
  • Given his current performance, there is no reason to believe that he will not.
  • This means that the extension of the EU regulation is a fact with all the additional effects.
  • As of June 2022, you will still not be able to travel without a QR code.
  • That these kinds of choices should first and foremost lie within our own national borders.
  • A similar petition from Jona Walk and Mona Keijzer was successful (‘Broad coalition for the immediate abolition of the corona ticket’), but of no value if the QR code remains the European standard.

and requests to let each Member State decide for itself about restrictions on freedom and not to prescribe a European QR code.